3D Figurine

With state-of-the-art 3D scan and 3D colour printing technology, we create life-like 3D figures of people. 3D figures prove to be ideal as original gifts for family and friends. But companies can also benefit from these individually manufactured figures. We offer 3D figures of persons as full body figures and as bust in different sizes.

Due to the high technology of our hand- held scanner, we can scan you alone or together with your beloved ones. The scan process takes about 15 minutes and can even be done in your own home. As this optical scan procedure only uses structured light, there is no health risk involved, which is the reason why this method also ensures you a great way of capturing even your own pregnancy, for example.

A special day deserves a special highlight! Our 3D figures are not only an eye- catcher on the wedding cake but they can also serve as a vivid reminder of your special day that can be later placed in a special place in your home.

3D figures can also be used for profit generation. For example, 3D Lab has scanned and digitized the German professional basketball team of Ratiopharm Ulm. The printed figures were sold on the internet and in the Fan Shop. Apart from personal scans, we also implement individual digitization and 3D printing requests of our corporate customers that can serve as promotional items

Custom-made 3D figures provide a creative opportunity for companies to gift their employees on special occasions