Scan services

Operating our optical 3D scanning systems, we create precise three-dimensional models of objects and people. We can hand over the edited data in all common 3D formats (including texture as well).

The digitization of plastic art offers several advantages for museums. Three-dimensional sculptures can be viewed from all angles without running the risk of damaging them. This is a major advantage, especially for very large statues or exhibits protected by glass. Works of art threatened by decay can be captured to produce exact copies. The creation of online galleries is another option to make art accessible to art connoisseurs and students regardless of their location. Digitized sculptures can be used as a base for products in the museum shop or to produce high quality rendering images for billboards.

Many of the historic old buildings in Budapest and in Hungary in general are restored. In the majority of the cases, the wall reliefs of the buildings have also been affected. For the reconstruction of these walls, 3D scanning offers the optimal solution. Good or partially well-preserved tiles can be quickly scanned and redesigned if necessary. This data is used to create a prototype for production. The detailed 3D scanning saves both time- consuming measurement and modelling by hand.

With our optical scanning systems, we can scan a variety of industrial objects. 3D models developed through reverse-engineering can be optimized to improve the design and performance of a product. For quality control, the 3D models can be compared to the existing CAD data. Moreover, upon request, we gladly undertake the reconstruction and reverse engineering of the models produced.

By capturing objects and people in detail, 3D scanner-generated data is an ideal material in the film and video game industry. Props and protagonists can be digitized in different costumes with texture for a successful 3D visualization,  These 3D data are not only great time- savers but also simplify the work of 3D artists in 3D visualization.

Customized devices in healthcare must adapt to the individual anatomy of the patients. Accurate 3D scans capture the exact geometry of the relevant body parts that can be used as a basis for the manufacture of specialized medical devices. Thus, fitting prostheses, wheelchairs or eye masks can be developed.

The photorealistic representation of architecture is an integral part of real estate planning and marketing. The building is in the spotlight of the architectural rendering, but only through the small details such as cars, plants and people does the 3D visualization seem life- like to the viewer. For an individual design of your architectural illustration, we can scan people in their desired outfit and position and create textured low-polygonal models. (Link 3D modelling) Upon request, we gladly overtake the entire architecture rendering you.